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Mexico has some dynamic and world class cities and some of the world's best beaches. For gay and lesbian travelers the choices are endless from the one of the world's biggest cities with a gay scene to match to the biggest gay beach scene in the Americas in Puerto Vallarta and so much more.

Calle Amberes in the Zona Rosa is the throbbing heart of the gay community in Mexico City. It is lined with gay and lesbian bars.

Mexico City, D.F. and nearby

Mexico City is one of the world's biggest and most exciting cities and has a gay scene to match with a wide variety of bars, discos, restaurants and a vibrant street scene.

Mexico City, DF

The city continues outside the Federal District in the State of Mexico which has a fair number of LGBT places as well. A little further afield the neighboring state of Morelos has some great destinations for LGBT travelers such as Cuernavaca and Tepoztlán. Or check out Puebla's gay scene.

Mexico State Morelos Puebla

Gay Pride march in Merida

Yucatan Peninsula

La capital del estado de Yucatán, Merida, tiene un mundillo gay vibrante. El ambiente de la ciudad es colonial y el clima es tropical. Y se encuentra cerca de los sitios turísticos como las ruinas Mayas de Chichén Itzá y tambien las playas famosas de la Riviera Maya como Cancún.

Merida Quintana Roo Resorts

Colorful storefronts in Ajijic


Jalisco state has three great destinations for LGBT travelers to explore. Guadalajara is Mexico's second city and rivals even the capital for gay life and entertainment. Puerto Vallarta is the beach resort famous for its gay nightlife and gay beach. Ajijic on Lake Chapala is an emerging destination popular with LGBT artists and retirees.

Guadalajara Puerto Vallarta Ajijic

La Paz Malecon at night

Baja Peninsula

From the hectic streets of Tijuana to the quiet beaches of the south, the Baja California peninsula is split up into two states, Baja California (the Northern part) and Baja California Sur (the southern part). Separating them are not only hundreds of miles of desert but completely different vibes. Tijuana and Mexicali are bustling busy cities which take advantage of their border locations and have a gritty urban feel. As you go south things slow down substantially, perking up a little again in La Paz, the capital of Baja California Sur.

Tijuana Baja California (Norte) Baja California Sur


Oaxaca State

There are two primary destinations of interest to LGBT travelers in Oaxaca State: the pretty colonial city of Oaxaca with its active gay nightlife and the laid back beach town of Zipolite where the nude beach is the principle draw. Other destinations include Huatalco and Jutchitlan.

Oaxaca City Zipolite Other Oaxaca Destinations

Guanajuato street

Other Destinations

The destinations above have just scratched the surface of what Mexico has to offer. Central Mexico offers a wealth of beautiful vibrant colonial cities such as Guanajuato, Pueblo or Morelia. Northern Mexico has the modern city of commerce and industry of Monterrey, the cowboy culture of Chihuahua, Durango and Coahuila and the dramatic landscapes of the Copper Canyon. Other destinations on the Pacific coast include Mazatlan and Acapulco. On the gulf coast, Veracruz. Check out the links below or browse the full map to find the location you're looking for.

Nuevo LeonGuerreroColimaSan Luis PotosíVeracruzTabascoCampecheCoahuilaChiapasNayaritQuerétaroMichoacanSinaloaGuanajuatoPuebla


Essential info you'll need for traveling in Mexico.

Lesbian, Gay and Transgender Rights in Mexico

Mexico is a mix of cultures and rights vary by state. LGBT rights in Mexico and also tolerance and acceptance of gay, lesbian and transgender people varies quite a bit by the region or state. Here you'll find an article laying out the current state of affairs.

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Let's Talk About Sex! Mexican Slang

Think you speak Spanish? Mexican slang might still challenge you. Mexicans probably use slang more in everyday speech than any other country. This colorful guide to Mexican slang will give you the essential words you need to hang out and hook up.

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LGBT Pride Events in Mexico

Gay pride events are getting more popular in Mexico every year. They serve to make the community more visible as it's hard to discriminate against someone when you know them! And they serve as celebrations for the community. Here you will find a list of all the pride events we know of.

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