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Zipolite: A view of the entire Zipolite beach looking east from up at Shambalah. Photo by Doug Dosdall

An Undiscovered Gem Where Almost Anything Goes

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The first thing anyone says when they mention Zipolite is that it's an amazing place but you can't tell anyone. It must remain undiscovered else it will be ruined. So do NOT read the information below. Or we'll have to kill you, sorry.

Mexico's only real nude beach and very gay friendly

Zipolite is one of the highlights for a gay or nudist visitor to Mexico. The beautiful approximately 2 km long beach is fronted by a collection of beachside restaurants and hotels. Nudity is entirely accepted and normal on the entire beach as are displays of affection between same-sex couples. The middle sections of the beach though are primarily straight and primarily clothed. The beach faces almost directly south so you can catch both beautiful sunrises and sunsets. At the west end of the beach is El Alquimista hotel and restaurant and Shambala. El Alquimista's beach restaurant is a popular gay gathering spot and the rocks and beach in front are as well. The most gay section (and the most nudist) is Playa del Amor, reached by walking to the far east side of the main beach, wading a small pond depending on the tide and then climbing a stairway up and back down to the small hidden beach. This is the most popular and the most cruisy spot for gay men (although it is also mixed).

The Adoquín, or main street, runs parallel to the beach and is lined by shops and restaurants

Many hotels and restaurants but limited services

There are many gay owned and managed businesses in town and virtually everyplace is welcoming of gays and lesbians. The businesses below tend to be the most popular with the gay crowd but everyone is welcome. Other places in town may have more of straight or party vibe. You'll find the majority of businesses either on the Adoquín (main street just off the beach) or along the beach itself.

Zipolite's everything goes sort of vibe has attracted a number of communities to the area which in some ways complement each other and in other ways compete. As well as the gay and nudist presence, there are a number of places for yoga and massage which have a more spiritual vibe. And there are is also a young party crowd that comes down for all night raves on the beach.

Note that there are few services in Zipolite other than hotels, restaurants, bars and some basic groceries and souvenirs. There are either 1 or 2 private ATMs but they are infrequently out of service/out of cash and so if you run out you may need to go to a real bank, the closest of which is Pochutla (the ATM in Puerto Angel is no longer there). More places accept credit cards than in the past but you will still need cash at many places so it is best to plan ahead and bring what you'll need for your stay. Wifi is plentiful but generally not super reliable. The area is decently covered for cell service with Telcel and perhaps other carriers but it may not be the fastest.

The least expensive way to get around is via shared transport on a camioneta. Taxis though are also available and are reasonable.

Getting Here

To get to Zipolite, most people arrive at the Huatulco or Puerto Escondido airports which are both about an hour's drive. From Huatulco airport, walk out of the terminal about 10 minutes towards the highway and at the OXXO you'll see many taxis waiting. This is substantially cheaper than taking one of the aiport taxis which are at the terminal. The current price for a taxi from the OXXO to Zipolite is 750 pesos (about $40US), check the rate here. The cheaper option is to take a bus or camioneta (shared pickup truck transport) to Pochutla then a taxi or another camioneta to Zipolite (detailed instructions here).

Puerto Escondido is a bit further so taxi all the way would be more. Or you take a taxi from the airport to nearby bus station and take a bus towards Pochutla and get off at the turn off for Mazunte and Zipolite and then a taxi or camioneta.

Getting to Oaxaca city is about a 7 hour winding and nauseating drive over the mountains on route 175. There are two companies which make the trip in about 12 passenger vans, Lineas Unidas and Eclipse 70. Last I checked it was about 300 pesos (cash only). Note that if you're at all subject to motion sickness this is a vomit inducing ride. The other alternative is to take a larger more comfortable bus from Pochutla which take the longer route on highway 190 but that will take more like 9 hours. There are also several small turboprop airlines which fly Huatulco or Puerto Escondido to Oaxaca.

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Upcoming events in Zipolite, Oaxaca

May 14-21 2023: Zipolite Diverso

Zipolite Diverso is a week long pride celebration in Zipolite with a variety of events.

More information

Publish your event here

Hotels, B&Bs

Casa Nudista Supporter

Hotel that offers a unique and different space, with a pool and a bar in the center of the bungalows. Bungalows, dormitory and glamping accommodation options. 100% nudist (required), adults only, no pets. An LGBT and heterofriendly place. Day passes for non guests 150 pesos. Pool Party 100% nudist every Saturday from 3pm to 8pm. Chill & House music.
 Book directly with property
 Average room rate: $1400 MXN
 Average rating: 93 Excellent
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Buda Mar Zipolite

Gay friendly beachfront accommodations. Large comfortable rooms with private baths with hot water. Gay owned. Previously named "La Buena Vida Posada".
 +52 958 584 3356
 View on
 Average room rate: $3000 MXN
 Average rating: 87 Very Good
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Casa Flor de Mar

Hotel with 6 rooms, either 1 or 2 bedrooms, with modern design surrounded by lush jungle. All rooms with A/C, Wifi, room safe, minibar, private bath, terrace with hammock. French, English and Spanish spoken.
 +52 958 119 8200
 View on
 Average room rate: $90 USD
 Average rating: 91 Excellent
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Casa Sol Zipolite

Guesthouse with 6 rooms in a lush natural setting and dramatic ocean views. Large shared patio area for socializing as well as private patios and secluded gardens. In the tropical garden there are lounge chairs, a shady palapa and a salt water pool. Located above Playa Camaron, Playa Zipolite is a ten minute walk down the jungle path. All rooms with private baths, AC, cable TV, safe, Wifi. Some with kitchenette. Gay owned. They also own the nearby Maquil Villas.
 +52 55 7938 0657
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 Average room rate: $95 USD
 Average rating: 98 Exceptional
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El Alquimista Yoga Spa

One of the original and largest hotels in Zipolite with a big variety of room types from on the beach cabinas to luxury suites. Not a gay establishment but the restaurant and beach in front are very popular with gay clientele and the hotel is gay friendly.
 958 587 8961
 View on
 Average room rate: $100 USD
 Average rating: 92 Excellent
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Gustavo's Place

Gay owned guesthouse with 6 rooms, each with a mini fridge, A/C, microwave, queen bed, private bathroom, hot water, ceilings fans, smart TV with Netflix, WiFi, safe, private screened porch with loveseat, table and chairs. Communal rooftop terrace with dipping pool, full kitchen and lounging areas. Note: Gustavo's has a no visitors policy.
 Average room rate: $700 MXN
 Average rating: 98 Exceptional
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8 apartments located on the hill above the west end of Zipolite beach. Pools, common area palapa, views. Clothing optional, adult only property. Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, private bath, ceiling fans, wifi, private terrace, ocean views. Gay owned, mixed clientele.
 +52 958 106 2018
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 Average room rate: $90 USD
 Average rating: 98 Exceptional
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Hotel Neptuno

Gay and mixed hotel which supports the LGBT community and promotes their welcoming policy for all. Delfina Beach Club restaurant and bar in front.
 +52 958 584 3219
 Average room rate: $50 USD
 Average rating: 71 Good
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La Maxima Nue Hospedaje

House a short distance behind the LGBT beach bar of the same name offering bed and breakfast accommodation. Rooms with shared and private bath.
 +52 443 108 6311
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 Average room rate: $57 USD
 Average rating: 80 Very Good
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Maquil Villas

Nine luxurious one and two bedroom vacation rental villas from the same owners as nearby Casa Sol. Most villas include kitchens, some have private pools, all have A/C. ClubHouse bar and Q at Maquil restaurant onsite.
 +52 55 7938 0657
 View on
 Average room rate: $150 USD
 Average rating: 99 Exceptional
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Naked Zipolite

Mixed but gay friendly hotel right on the beach. Note there are three hotels with some version of naked in the name, this one is mixed with a gay friendly vibe, Casa Nudista is all gay and Nude has a more straight vibe. Restaurant and beach club. Rooms and suites.
 +52 958 107 0595
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 Average room rate: $150 USD
 Average rating: 86 Very Good
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Posada Brisa Marina

Hotel with seaview room with balcony and private bath or budget rooms facing courtyard with shared bath. One of the larger hotels in town, the rooms at the back are said to get quite cruisy, especially during peak times. That said, it is a mixed crowd and not an exclusively gay hotel.
 +52 958 584 3193
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 Average room rate: $40 USD
 Average rating: 81 Very Good
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Villa Aikia

Gay friendly adults only accommodation. 14 rooms, many with stunning ocean view, pool and bar.
 55 4386 7566
 View on
 Average room rate: $150 USD
 Average rating: 92 Excellent
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Bars, Discos

Chiwi's Beach House

Gay owned beachfront bar and restaurant. Snacks, sangria, mezcal and more.
 +52 95 8103 6001
 Average rating: 94 Excellent
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ChiZme Café + Bar

Colorful fun gay owned hangout in a new larger location. Cocktails, big selection of mezcals, chilled beers. Great music and nude original art.
 +52 958 174 1898
 Average rating: 92 Excellent
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La Maxima Nue Beach Bar

LGBT bar and beach club. Drag shows and special events. They also have bed and breakfast accommodations at their house a bit behind the club. Club Demetria was in this location before.
 +52 958 109 7244
 Average rating: 81 Very Good
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La Patrona

Bar, restaurant and beach club for LGBT and all people in front of Hotel Neptuno.
 Average rating: 88 Excellent
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El Alquimista Restaurante

Large restaurant on the beach with a full menu and full bar available whether or not you are guests of the attached hotel. El Alquimista is by no means exclusively gay but it is a popular gathering spot for gays as is the beach in front. Yoga classes.
 958 587 8961
 Average rating: 90 Excellent
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La Providencia

Probably the fanciest restaurant in Zipolite with the most upscale menu serving a variety of contemporary Mexican cuisine. Gay owned and the owner Javier's touch is everywhere in the art decorating the walls (which he painted) to the creative menu and space. Great for groups with a special group room available.
 +52 958 100 9234
 Average rating: 91 Excellent
 View on map

Mao Mau

Authentic Thai and Asian Cuisine. Gay owned.
 +52 958 187 0266
 Average rating: 94 Excellent
 View on map

Orale Cafe

This gay owned and run garden café in a quiet part of town is consistently mentioned as the best breakfast in town. Open for breakfast, lunch and desserts. Espresso drinks.
 +52 958 117 7129
 Average rating: 96 Exceptional
 View on map

Restaurante El Mare

Italian food with a good selection of wines, tequilas and mezcals. Gay owned by a Mexican/Italian couple.
 +52 958 584 3137
 Average rating: 85 Very Good
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Playa del Amor

The whole of Zipolite beach is a nude beach, even if clothed people are the majority. But the more secluded Playa del Amor is the most gay (and has the most nudity). It is reached by walking to the far east end of the main beach and wading through a shallow pond (depending on the tide) and the up some stairs and down to the beach. There are two vendors selling beers and some food as well and offering chairs and umbrellas to customers. There are also visits from roaming food vendors. After sunset it can get cruisy.
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Playa Roca Blanca

The beach on the west side of town in the Roca Blanca neighborhood (so named for the whitish rock a km or so offshore) is the second gayest beach in Zipolite (after Playa del Amor). Directly in front of the Alquimista is where the gays hang out and around the rocks on the beach. After sunset things are occasionally known to get frisky.
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Gyms, Yoga, Spas, Wellness etc

Move Gym Zipolite

Gym open daily with weights and machines, classes such as Yoga, HIIT, circuit and Zumba. Juice bar. Day and week passes for visitors or monthly rates for locals. Gay friendly.
 +52 81 3618 1026
 Average rating: 96 Exceptional
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Casa Mexoni

Gay owned shop which offers a great selection of mezcals, their famous colorful beach towels and other souvenirs and supplies. Note the current only working ATM is town is here.
 +52 55 2106 1515
 Average rating: 100 Exceptional
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Permanently closed places

The following venues have been reported as permanently closed but we have listed them here as other less current websites may still be listing them as open. If there is a place in this list that has reopened or one above that has closed, please advise us at

Hotels, B&Bs: Lyoban
Bars, Discos: Vista Del Amor
Bars, Discos: Xizalo Bar and Guesthouse

Additional comments from our visitors about LGBT places for Zipolite, Oaxaca

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What are people saying about us?


There are many gay owned hotels and businesses in Zipolite and many of the hotels and restaurants listed here are in fact gay owned. Zipolite does however tend to be an inclusive, live and let live environment so everyone gay and straight mix. The beach in front of the Alquimista is definitely a gay hangout especially in high seasons. It attracts people from all over the world and has really grown up in the last 15 years and become a gay destination yet has maintained its bohemian vibe.

July 10, 2016

What are people saying about us?

Robert W

Been spending 3 moths in Zipoolite for 6 years and long vacations before that. IT IS GAY HEAVEN! Good food, sun and great yoga to keep you in shape. We stay at the east end with Sara and Carlos (ask the locals, they all know Sara & Carlos). It is great weather, clear water, beautiful sand and great food. Cheap by international standards, friendly people and just a great place to call your winter home. Just don't tell the riff-raff that this place really exists. You meet the nicest people here. Oh, if you can't find it here, you really don't need it.

August 15, 2015

What are people saying about us?


I was in Zipolite last March (2015). Here' some useful tips:

1- There is no specific gay places (or business) but it seems to me that they are all gay friendly.

2- To me the "gay section" of Zipolite is located on the west end side, where the Alquimista bar-restaurant is. OK, there are gays going at Playa del Amor (located on the very east end side) but that's about all it for that part of the beach so I found much more interesting the west end side (where El Alquimista is). Oh!, to make yourself oriented about east-west direction, when you look at ocean, east direction is on your left side, so west is on your....yeah right!

3- Gay beach (if there's one because once again, as I said, there is no gay specific place in Zipolite), sould be the beach in front of El Alquimista. Also they have long chairs that you can use if you patronize for about 25 pesos per beer. Good deal.

4- Very nice Hotel Nude, just 3 minutes walking direction east from El Alquimista, has a very nice pool inside, is a good choice for gays but it's a bit pricy, rooms start at 800 pesos (March 2015).

5- Good place for breakfast is Restaurant Orale, gay owned, once you're on back of Nude Hotel, turn left, walk one minute and you'll see the sign at entrance. They serve succulents breakfasts for 50 pesos but they close at 3:00 pm. Jean Francois (one of the frendly owner from Canada) will be please to give you loads of infos about Zipolite.

6- Since you were patient reading me up to this point, here's the most secret about Zipolite: Yes there's a gay nude little hidden beach. It's one step (100 feet) west of the El Alquimista. Go over the rock and there you are. Or from the beach, walk toward Hotel Shambala, after 100 feet you'll see it, you just can't miss that little secretive gay only beach.

So that's it, enjoy Zipolite.... -Bob, SF.

April 27, 2015

What are people saying about us?


Thanks for your input. It helps so much!!!!

May 06, 2019

What are people saying about us?

Pedro Pereira

This pictures are awesome.
Hope i can visit one day!

April 22, 2015

What are people saying about us?

Doug from Vancouver, Canada

Visited Zipolite around New Year's 2013/2014 and it was a great time. I've heard how quiet it can be there but that's certainly not true at new year's (or apparently not at Easter). Lot's of people, lot's of hot men! It's a really open and diverse scene, other than Playa del Amor, nothing feels primarily gay but yet everywhere is super gay friendly in a way I've never seen anywhere else in Latin America. Guys holdings hands (foreigners and Mexicans) on the main street or on the main beach for example. Given the lack of services in the town (if you want anything but a restaurant, bar or the most basic of groceries you're heading out of town) I can see it must get a lot quieter at other times and prices do apparently go down significantly for most hotels so that might be a good time to visit for many.

January 29, 2014

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