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Sexto Piso

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Club de encuentros para hombres 18+. "Un parque de diversiones para hombres" con bar, guardaropa, glory holes, laberinto, cuartos temáticos incluye un carro de Metro, sala de espejos, columpio y más. Consulte su twitter para temas, eventos especiales y ofertas.

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Sexto Piso - the newest gay sex club in Mexico City also happens to be one of the most original in the world. Clearly founded by marketers, or someone with a very creative mind, Sexto Piso is a well-designed and thought-out place.

First; the 'facilities'. Once you've taken the lift up to the 6th floor and paid the cover (150 pesos when I went on a Saturday night in Feb '23), leave your bag or clothes in a bag provided at the coat check. The bar area plays pounding circuit music, for drinks you have to pay at the entrance and a beer costs 50 pesos.

Escape this to enter the cruising zone - there's a gloryhole area and larger cubby holes where men can lie or crouch in wait ready to be used in full view of everyone. A large room with porn projected onto the wall leads into a dark room (very dark) - so far, so normal.

Sexto Piso - from what I gather - encourages people to be 'content creators' in their space and with that in mind they have a large mirrored, well-lit dome with a circular bed that you can fu*k on. Passers-by can also look in from the outside, and walk around its perimeter for another cruising opportunity. For exhibitionists it's ideal.

The piece de resistance is a mockup of a Mexico City subway car. It includes sound effects to add to the authenticity. When I visited this area was full of guys - the CDMX metro is well-known for its chance encounters, and this gives everyone the opportunity to experience it - or at least pretend to.
Three private, lockable cabins are available if you're prepared to wait for one to become available.

The clientele? When I visited, mostly locals in their 20s and 30s. A few older guys but not too many. This place is still getting on its feet and has been aggressively marketing on social media (for example inviting content creators to spend time there). I'm sure it will gain popularity once more people know about it. The space has been planned well, and is bound to be a talking point among gays around the world.

February 05, 2023

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