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Business which qualify can have an free basic entry in the directory. The decision on whether to include a business in the guide is solely up to the discretion of the site editors.

First you need to locate the business or organization on the map page.

  • Are you there now? Click here to set your current latitude and longitude (please allow us to access your location), or
    Click here to open a map of Mexico
  • Use the zoom controls +/- and drag the map (or use the pan arrow controls) until you have located the location of the place to add. You must zoom into a detail level to be able to add a point.
  • Click on the exact location on the map where the place is located and press Ok to confirm you want to add a listing at that point.
  • Or, if you know the latitude and longitude already (to at least 4 digits of precision after the decimal point) you may also just enter them below. Use numeric values like 19.426231064 and -99.1667298517, not the values with degrees, etc.



Complete the following form to submit the place to the map

In what part of Mexico is it located?  

In what city is it located?  

What type of point is this?  

This site is fully bilingual (English/Spanish) so the following information needs to be provided in both languages so your listing is shown correctly in the user's preferred language.

English language description to be published on the map:

Enter a description (up to four lines) to be published on the map. Please use 3rd person (it/they instead of we) and do not use ALL CAPS.

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Spanish language description to be published on the Spanish site:

Re-enter the above description in a Spanish language version.

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You may upload a photo from your hard drive to accompany your listing if you like. Your photo will be automatically resized but to upload must be no more than 5MB.


 Phone number (not including country code +52). This will be shown on your listing.

Customer email

Email address where reservation and other inquiries from customers should be sent.

Street Address

# and street name only to be shown on your listing.


 Does this business have a website? This must be for the official website maintained by the business itself. Third party websites which list many hotels, etc will not be accepted.

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Your business will appear on the map after it is reviewed by our editors.
We reserve the right to reject entries for any reason.

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