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Club Social Chikro

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Club de encuentros solo para varones 18+. Fiestas de sexo todos los días pero veo su redes sociales para cambios o eventos especiales. Bar, DJ, guardaropa.

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Chikro se abrió de nuevo el 22 junio 2024 después de una clausurado larga


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What are people saying about us?


Some out of town friends went to Chikro on Saturday night for their 6th anniversary party. Here's what they said:

There was an altar in the middle of the bar area with candles and fruit on it. It was an interesting touch. Not sure how else to describe it other than downstairs felt very Mexican. So not really my type of guys mostly but it was super friendly and actually a lot of fun. There were also a sprinkling of cuter guys in the mix and I think a different crowd started coming in later. No idea what the other sex clubs are like but this one felt very unique. Upstairs rooms were interesting and varied. The whole place is very well thought out and their system for checking in clothes worked efficiently. Drinks were free even though we had to show our bracelets when ordering so not sure how that worked. Drinks were punch, though I don’t think there was too much alcohol in them. There was also free tequila and sparkling wine but that’s probably because it was a special night.

Yes it's definitely a very authentic Mexican experience! Few foreigners at most (all?) of the sex clubs really. The times I've went the punch and some other basic drinks are included or at least a certain number are included with your entrance. Beer is usually a bit extra and probably some premium alcohol. But it is often not totally clear about what is included but I've never been charged extra on exit. When I fist went it was definitely open bar for the punch and other cheap drinks but I noticed they started checking your wristband on every drink now too but also haven't been charged. Maybe there were people drinking way too much so they added a limit.

April 02, 2023

What are people saying about us?


El Chikro / El Chikero - translated as 'pig sty' - is an after work / early evening type place for mainly local guys. Knock on the garage door, join the club if it's your first time (I think it's free to register but you have to show an ID), then enter the house! It's an old house that's been converted - the ground floor is full of paintings, weird antiques and tacky lights. Also features a DJ, bar, tables and chairs - and people smoking.

Upstairs is where the action happens. Past the first trough, there's a long room with cubbyholes that men lie in, or just expose themselves ready to be 'enjoyed'.
A couple more backrooms offer similar carnal depravities. Enter if you have a strong stomach and are ready to descend the various levels of Dante's Inferno.
On a holiday weekend, Sunday was extremely busy. On a Thursday night at 7pm it was busy enough, and also busy on regular Sunday.

What else? To get there, you can take the metro and walk, it's only a few minutes away. This isn't the safest area, but personally I've never felt unsafe. You put all of your clothes (minus underwear and shoes) in a bag for safe-keeping, including phone and wallet - again, I've never had a problem but I could understand people feeling uneasy about doing that. Check Facebook and Twitter for their updates and info - you can also contact them there.

May 16, 2022

What are people saying about us?


I went on a recent holiday Monday when it was open 4pm - 12am I think. The place was packed, I was number one hundred and eighty something in at about 7:30pm though there were a few guys leaving already but also lots more coming in. The last time I was there was pre-pandemic in the old location and I was worried it wouldn't live up to that but I'm happy you say the place is as great as ever. Big variety of men, nice spaces (not all totally dark which so many other places is the only place to hook up). Good sized bar and DJ downstairs. Very affordable, it was 100 pesos cover including first beer on the day I went. They're very organized too, instead of lockers there's a clothes check and your stuff goes in a numbered cloth bag which they found immediately when I was ready to go (many other places dump your stuff in a plastic bag with a number on it and then take 20 minutes to find it again).

March 26, 2022

What are people saying about us?

Gustavo o.e

Me lo han recomendado mucho ,que día vale la pena conocerlo?

November 15, 2021

What are people saying about us?

Diego Cruz-Díez

Talvez el mejor de los sex clubs en Ciudad de Mexico, los domingos por la tarde es cuando tienen la maxima frecuencia. El bar tiene buena seleción de cervezas.

November 08, 2020

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