Latin American Pride

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Latin American Pride


Date Friday June 25, 2021 to Monday June 28, 2021

This event will now take place in 2021 instead of 2020

Jubileo, the most important electronic party brand in Mexico with WHITE PARTY (USA) Matinée (SPAIN) Matrix (SPAIN) and El Mozo club Bogota (COLOMBIA) present: Latin American Pride 2020. June 26 - June 29, in Mexico City.

4 days of celebration with 4 theme parties in collaboration with the biggest brands in the world will make Latin American Pride the event of the Year and an International Lineup headed by: Phil Romano, Mauro Mozart, Fábio Marx, Andy Cop, Nitro, Oscar Velazquez , Ángel Rios, Adrian Dalera, Isis Muretech, Diego Alvarez, Edgar Velazquez, Gastón Silveti, Ivan Guzman, Karim Cato, Robincal Fajardo and Xavier Alvarado.

Official Sponsor: Andrew Christian

More information is available at Latin American Pride - English or at Latin American Pride - español

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