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Premier Mens Club

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Strippers. Shows travestri. DJ. No es un lugar grande pero a veces hay mucha gente. Cover. Solo hombres los viernes.


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I see that there has not been a recent review: this place needs it. A 100% great experience. We went there from Los Angeles. Once in El Centro of Tijuana it is easy to find. The first night, Thursday, had no cover and the guys were great. Very nice attention from handsome Christopher, a waiter. The next night was a special mens only event, once a month. That was a great time with a cover of 350 pesos. It is much friskier than regular nights, let's say. Ernesto and Rogger were my favorite dancers, and they were packing. Saturday night had a cover of 50 pesos. So after three visits here are some hints. Use pesos to buy drinks. It is cheaper that way. Ask questions for prices. The bar charges money to the waiters and dancers and upcharges drinks. You will find drinks cheaper than the US, but don't go there just for bargains. Tip your waiter and dancers. They make no base pay at all. Use dollars for tips to dancers. They appreciate a one dollar tip, but they are working, so don't be stingy. They will reward generosity. Be prepared, although smoking is not legal in public places, everybody smokes indoors. The street is safe and well lit, but use UBER at night. Your US app will work and it is pretty cheap.

December 01, 2022

What are people saying about us?

Thom alan

I live in SanDiego i discoverd Premier Mens CLub little over a year agao.......i got at least two times a month 2o minutes from my house to the HOT boy of my choice dancing with a BIG smaile on my lap.
love fri MEns only nites....................amazing ! i ahve traveld alot and never seen even in MEXICO s other citys.......anything like this its amazing in every way freindly help hot guys esp the POLE boys!.............they spin and climb like a Las Vegas act!.and i pay em for their efforts....... a couple dollars gets u noticed and liked and omg its a BARGin..I suggest it to anyone wanting a fun !;lets excape type nite!........

January 16, 2020

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